Feel like experimenting with sexual toys for men? If it is the first time that you are wondering about these devices, here is a compilation that will not leave you indifferent and that you will be able to use them with the SoulValencia escorts, if you feel like it.


Best Male Sexual Toys

When it comes to sex toys for them, we have many interesting options. And it is that, they are not only a matter of homosexuals, but all men, regardless of their sexual orientation, can try them to enjoy more sex, either with your partner, with escorts or alone.

Let’s see which are the top ones that you can try right now, alone or with the best of companies (escorts, for example):


Egg shaped masturbator

Make your sex more fun with an egg-shaped masturbator. It is elastic and has an internal texture that provides a very pleasant and different sensation, to stimulate the penis at different rates based on the preferences of each man. It is one of the favorites for them.


Prostate massager

With the prostate massager you will be able to reach climax reaching a great intensity and also allows many possibilities, to experience new forms of pleasure. You could fulfill some other sexual fantasy in the shower.


Vibrating bullet

The external vibrating bullet helps to stimulate any part of the body and can be used alone or with a partner, increasing the possibilities of pleasure and fun. A very interesting sex toy to try with escorts.


Vibrating ring

The vibrating ring for men adjusts to the penis without squeezing it, giving significant pleasure. The upper part provides a certain pressure and stimulates the clitoris of the couple, so it is also interesting to share it in the sexual act.


Female orgasm simulator

There is also a sex toy for men that uses pulsating air waves that stimulate receptors at the tip of the penis, at the frenulum. These are the same as those in the clitoris and the cause of the most intense orgasms. It will seem just like a female orgasm.


Masturbator tube

The masturbator tube has inside a kind of grooves that mimics the vaginal walls of women. It can be very pleasurable for men who love to feel that feeling of being inside. And it can be used alone or in company, you decide.


Vagina simulator

This sex toy for men is interesting because it brings a similar sensation to vaginal penetration. Inside it looks just like a human vagina. Therefore, it is ideal to use alone or in company, so you can experiment more.


Anal Masturbator Tube

Similar to the previous masturbator tube but simulating the anus area. We are facing a sex toy for men that simulates anal sex, with a colder and more closed effect inside, so that differences with the previous one are noticed.


Fellatio simulator

For men who really enjoy fellatio there is this simulator, which by stimulating the glans, creates a suction effect and intense vibrations for great pleasure.


Hygiene recommendations

It is important to always use them following certain hygiene recommendations. Always wash them after use, dry them well and store them in a dry and dust-free place. This is how you avoid enjoying any possible infection or only enjoy it to the fullest with its use.


Why try sexual toys?

Of course, if you want to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and let yourself go, we recommend that you incorporate these toys into your sex life that you can even try with escorts.

In addition, you see that there is a lot of variety in terms of sexual toys for men, both focused on heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual men. Everyone can enjoy!

The advantage is that nowadays they can be ordered online and with total discretion, and they do not take up anything, so you can take it in any bag to the hotels or to the places where you have that appointment with your favorite girl.


Try them alone or in company

These sexual toys for men can be tried either alone or in company, because they allow many possibilities. You can buy them and try them at home alone or even with escorts.

In addition, you see that there are many different things you can do with them, because they adjust well to the sexual needs of each man and allow many possibilities. To get out of the monotony and try new things.

Do you want to try sex toys with escort girls? Do not hesitate to book your meeting to enjoy sex in another way, of course much more fun or at least different.

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