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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Anal sex


There are some sexual habits that are still considered taboo today. Their bad reputation precedes them and, probably, a certain ignorance about their real practice. One of them is anal sex. Not in vain for a long time has been associated with homosexual tendencies and behaviors known as paraphilias, tastes that exceed what is accepted by conventions. Currently, there are those who think it causes a lot of pain and degrades women. But for others it is a very pleasant practice and a must in their sexual relations. And if not, you can always resort to the services of a prostitute at SoulValencia

Prostitution: paid pleasure

The penetration from behind is better known as “Anal” and one of the most demanded services, along with fellatio, by the Spaniards. The access is very simple. On the Internet we will find many pages oriented to this field, even in traditional media, such as newspapers or specialized magazines. Whores usually offer their services explicitly, establishing their rates and contact modes. With just one call we will find ourselves at the doors of pleasure. Whores guarantee discretion and the fulfillment of any fantasy or unconfessable desire as long as there is prior agreement and is limited to the limits of what is tolerable. But, going back to our subject, why is this anal practice so pleasurable?

Anal sex, play and penetration


The anus, like other parts of the body prone to stimulation, such as the breasts or genitals, is a very sensitive area. Its multiple nerve endings make it a source of pleasure, very receptive to erotic play. Not in vain the German researcher Ernst Grafenberg believed that it was the ideal posture to stimulate the G-spot. We are talking about traditional penetration, but also kisses, caresses, even penetration with fingers or sex toys, all on the way to experiencing more intense sensations. It is evident that the anus does not have the elasticity of the vagina. To avoid tears, or the pain associated with this practice, lubricants are often used, even the application of the same lubricant already acts as a stimulant in sexual play, especially if it is homemade.

Postures in anal practice

There is no doubt that one of the most popular positions of the “Anal” is that of the dog. In this position, the woman is placed on four legs, bending her back to expose her anus, can even stimulate the genitals of the man during the sexual act. It’s very exciting, maybe because it reminds us of our animal instinct. There are others, sideways or sitting on their backs or in front of it. If we choose the latter, we can enjoy other erogenous points, such as breasts, neck or mouth.

Anal sex has become a classic within the sexual repertoire of any couple and one of the most exciting claims that prostitutes put at the disposal of their clients.

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