Girlfriend Experience


Time passes for everyone, it is something that can not be avoided, but now we can return to the longed for youth with the service of escorts as girlfriends.

Sex and kissing with girls have become one of the most demanded trends in the field of luxury prostitution. It is not strange. Many men, regardless of their social status, consider girlfriend experience a very exciting alternative because of its implication.

It’s not just about going back to the past, but about living a unique experience with teenage and distinguished girls.

Already in the Kamasutra, the Hindu text, we are assured that a kiss serves to enliven desire and lead lovers to passion.


Daddy sugar, intimacy and sex


The relationship, also known as «girlfriend experience» is a service in which the prostitute acts as a girlfriend or companion of the client.

This alternative to the traditional exchange implies a greater emotional implication, an option in which sex is not the exclusive element of the relationship, it can even be dispensed with.

Other aspects such as kissing, caresses or pampering, conversation and social skills are involved in the girlfriend deal. The relationship, in this sense, is more fluid and warm, accentuating the degree of complicity between the escort and the client.

A daddy sugar is perfect for attending a convention, a business appointment or a special celebration.


Escorts as girlfriends


Luxury prostitutes are sensual and sophisticated women. In the relationship, thanks to their experience and cultural level, they know how to behave according to the circumstances of the moment.

Seduction is one of its weapons, as well as elegance, natural sympathy, and why not, exciting underwear. No one with a minimum of judgment could resist this proposal.

The culmination of our «girlfriend experience» could well be a night of unbridled passion, a night practicing anal sex, celebrating an orgy or enjoying a massage with erotic toys. Do you feel like kissing your escort after having run in her mouth or that she does it with another woman after doing a threesome?

There are many alternatives to complete your girlfriend treatment experience.


Quality company


Escorts as brides offer us a different, special service. The advantage with the traditional couple is that there are no commitments, no arguments or reproaches, it is a relationship oriented solely and exclusively to the present.

Men like daring, seductive women, sex without inhibitions, but also caresses and kisses. The lips are one of the most important erogenous parts of our body, they release the sexual energy that is inside us.

Sex and kissing with girls is an experience that you cannot miss. According to Kamasutra there are between twenty and thirty classes, any time is good to start trying them at Soulvalencia.



The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is a term commonly used in the context of adult entertainment or companionship services. It refers to an intimate encounter or interaction that simulates the experience of being with a girlfriend.

In this context, a GFE typically involves a more personal and emotionally connected experience between the client and the provider, where the focus is not solely on physical intimacy but also on creating a sense of emotional connection, companionship, and a more authentic, romantic-like relationship.

The GFE often includes elements such as conversation, affectionate gestures, shared activities, and a focus on emotional intimacy, attempting to replicate the dynamics of a real romantic relationship. The goal is to create a more comprehensive and intimate experience beyond a purely physical encounter.

It’s important to note that the specifics of what constitutes a GFE can vary widely based on individual preferences, agreements between the involved parties, and the nature of the service provided within the context of the adult entertainment or companionship industry.


In a broader sense, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) in the realm of adult entertainment or companionship services aims to offer a more holistic, intimate encounter beyond just physical interactions. Here are more aspects related to the GFE:

  1. Emotional Connection: Unlike a purely physical encounter, the GFE emphasizes creating a deeper emotional connection. This can involve engaging in conversations, sharing personal stories, and building rapport to simulate the intimacy and comfort found in a romantic relationship.
  2. Companionship and Activities: GFE providers may engage in various activities beyond the bedroom, such as dining out, going to events, or spending time together in ways that mirror spending time with a romantic partner.
  3. Affection and Intimacy: The experience might include gestures of affection like cuddling, kissing, holding hands, or other physical displays of intimacy beyond sexual interactions.
  4. Personalization: GFE often focuses on tailoring the experience to meet the client’s emotional needs, preferences, and desires for a more personalized encounter.
  5. Time and Attention: Providers aim to offer extended time and attention to create a sense of a genuine and relaxed relationship, as opposed to a transactional or brief encounter.


It’s important to understand that while the GFE strives to replicate elements of a romantic relationship, it is a consensual transactional service offered within the adult entertainment industry. The specifics and boundaries of what constitutes a GFE can vary widely, and clear communication and mutual understanding of expectations are crucial between all parties involved.


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