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Plaza de Canovas "SOUL" (4th Floor) 

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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas "SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
601 226 012Email

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GFE Girlfriend Experience


Probably you have met many times before uncomfortable situations because they have questioned your singleness, or you have a partner but you have fantasized about having an affair with a stranger, or you are simply a loving guy who cries out to be able to enjoy moments of complicity without ties. If you have felt identified with any of the cases exposed so far, what you need is a GFE service. At SoulValencia you will find the best girls to perfom it.

For those who still do not know what GFE means and what it involves, this acronym refers to the acronym in English Girlfriend Experience, or what is the same Experience dealing with girlfriends. It is a practice performed by prostitutes who, instead of focusing on sex, give priority to hugs, kisses and caresses. In short, with this service you can have the advantages of having a partner, that is, of the romantic, affectionate and passionate part, but forgetting the arguments and ties. In addition, it has the advantage that kisses with tongue are allowed. It may seem absurd, but traditional prostitutes focus their services on sex only, turning the act into a phlegmatic environment, so the option to kiss passionately is appreciated. The dream of many men no doubt!

Goodbye to unwanted explanations


As we have already mentioned, there are times when we like to feel accompanied, either for our own satisfaction or for getting out of an uncomfortable situation. Work trips or family weddings are clear examples in which embarrassing looks and questions can spoil the best of parties. To overcome the difficulties, the best option is to hire the service Experience dealing with a girlfriend in which a stunning girl will appear from your hand in the room and will leave you all speechless. For your part you will enjoy a lovely evening, as they are intelligent, kind, affectionate and with people who will awaken the interest of everyone present.

Another alternative to this practice is the hiring of prostitutes to enjoy an afternoon in the park, the cinema or just go out to dinner and have a drink. You will have the opportunity to talk with a splendid woman throughout the night, who will treat you as if you were your partner and as if you had known each other for years, elevating complicity to the fullest. To this is added, the ration of kisses with tongue, caresses, flirting, furtive glances and the culmination of a night of passionate sex. Contrary to what happens when you go to a brothel sex is not so distant, since the important thing of the GFE is the time you dedicate the prostitute and you to have a good time, leaving the moment of bed in the background. But this does not mean that sex loses interest or is non-existent, on the contrary, complicity and flirting will fan the flame of desire, making erotic games hotter and ending the night ecstatically. Go ahead and try it and you will not regret it.

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