Teens in Valencia


The hormonal explosion that accompanies adolescence carries with it a whole turn of great dimensions as far as sexual desire is concerned.

It is at this stage of life when the physical interest that girls and boys feel towards each other starts their career in a notorious way, thus turning people of this age into bearers of an out of control libido that will determine their personal relationships.


The voice of the body as the first engine


In the case of the girls, psychology shows us how their behavior is affected in a more powerful way from all this hurricane of hormones that begins to forge inside them.

Not surprisingly, within the first consequences that derive from something like this, we see how the sexual appetite becomes an everyday element that exercises conditioning when it comes to understanding interaction with others.

The desire and desire to have sexual relations come to largely lead the interests of adolescent girls, who from this moment fix their attention more strongly on sex.

Although it is true that some take this whole process of discovery with a certain calm, the vast majority tend to get carried away by the call of instinct and to put into practice what the body demands biologically.


A change of social significance


This radical change in the life of an adolescent fosters in the same way that conversations, manifestations and sexual experiences have become frequent in those areas where they previously had a much smaller capacity.

This disinhibition of passions fits precisely today in a more modern and tolerant social setting with these issues, more predisposed to accept this matter as something natural and not under the magnifying glass of criminalization.

Without a doubt, the role of education and the contexts originated by the progressive governments of the last decade have given rise to this social advance.

Under this line of revolution, multiple examples arise in the day to day of the effects that this model of adolescence reveals in our environment, but the one that best explains all this hormonal reaction does not admit replication: the teens in valencia have become sexually more uninhibited.

To allow oneself to be guided by these impulses, which would be absurd to repress in order not to fall into contention and self-repression, brings with it the flourishing of a practice that has already become habitual.

In this sense, adolescent girls have found a way to get fast money thanks to sex without commitment, something that has its own market and that increasingly gets more specialization.

In short, the biological predisposition and its normalization have given rise to a whole territory of sexual encounters that in some way is causing a life model based on prostitution at younger and younger ages.

Without going any further, Valencia is possibly one of the great cities to notice these effects as something common.


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