Did you know that more and more couples are willing to try new things? One of them could be sex with couples or swingers, which consists of exchanging with each other. What do you want to try something like this in Valencia?


Swingers in Valencia: what is it?


The activity known as swingers or swinging means the non-monogamous sexual activity that the couple does. It is something like a liberal couple who accepts that their partner has sex with other people and / or make an exchange.

Swingers are liberal couples who want to exercise their sexual freedom as a couple and in the way that most appeals to them according to the moment. If both are, it means that you acknowledge and accept the broadening of your partner’s sexual horizon.


Swingers is more than an exchange of couples


Although we often use the term swinger to refer to the activity of exchanging partners, that is not entirely the case. Rather, it refers to liberal couples who have an open type of relationship and can have sex with other people. But it is more of a lifestyle, not just an option.


Why you should try swingers


The exchange of couples is something that swingers can do. It has such interesting benefits as:

Get out of the monotony with your partner: there are couples who fall into the routine and that is really ugly and annoying, to make that everything goes well again, they have to try different things. Sometimes an affair can help couples get back what they had and be happy again. It is a matter of testing.
Try new ways to have pleasure: perhaps you discover something about yourself that you did not know before, so it may help you in some way. If you don’t try it, you can’t know.
Meet other people: it is always good to make new friends and meet new people. With the exchange of couples you will have it easier because you will be able to put new faces in your life.


How to succeed when having sex with partners?


The ideal is to talk everything with the partner, so that later there is no friction, anger or jealousy. Once everything is clarified, it is important to know with whom the exchange will be made. You can look for a compatible partner, who always attracts both of you so that you can both enjoy yourself.

But there are also couples in which only one person has sex with another, while accepting it and following a totally good relationship for both. Which would give rise to another possibility when we talk about a swinger.


What activities does the term swinger encompass?


We tell you before that swinger is much more than sex in couples. Let’s say it goes further, because it encompasses everything related to the sexual freedom of the couple, where each one can do what they want. Namely:

• Do a partner exchange
• Have sex with your partner while a third party watches
• Have sex in a room next to another partner who is also having sex
• Doing oral sex, kissing, or fondling another person while having sex.
• Have relationships with your partner and practice penetration with another person (full swap)

Let’s say that there are different practices that we could put into what would be a liberal couple who can have sex with partners or not, because it can give rise to many other different practices.


What is sex like in a swingers club?


It is common to hear about “swingers clubs”, in which each one has its own rules. For example, the use of condoms is usually common to avoid the possible transmission of diseases and the rule of no is no is strictly followed.

Approaches are also made by stroking in non-erogenous zones, if allowed. And you have to ask for authorization or not depending on the place… It is still a game and everyone must follow the established rules.

Many liberal couples or those who are thinking about it go to these types of couples exchange clubs just to see what they feel, if they would be able to try it or directly take action and do it. But there are more options than going to a swingers club.


Sex between escorts and swingers in Valencia


There are liberal couples who do not hesitate when it comes to having relationships and decide to hire the services of the escorts to enjoy, either to make a threesome or even an exchange of «couples» with two escorts, especially if the woman is bisexual and / or you want to experience this feeling.

There are so many benefits to getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, that more and more people are curious and decide to try it. After all, life is two days and if you don’t live to the fullest, you don’t live the same.


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