Massages to stimulate the penis


If you are looking for massages to stimulate the penis and give a lot of pleasure, you are in the right place, because we love to please men and tell you tricks and tips so that you can enjoy more in privacy.


These five are some of the favorites of men:


1- Up-down-up movement

This first massage for the penis is based on grasping it with the hand (in a natural way) and following the steps above, below and above. Of course, the idea is to perfect the technique, making one hand the dominant one doing the exercise and the other holding the base of the penis or caressing erogenous zones to give more pleasure. For example, you can touch the anal area, testicles, caress…

When doing this massage following these steps, it is important to check the reaction of the man, because you will quickly know if he likes it or if it bores him. That is why it is important that you keep trying, that you change your position, that you spread your fingers well… The speed and intensity also vary…


2- Two-handed

The next massage for the penis that drives men crazy, goes through massaging his intimate area with two hands and separating the last fingers slightly. Once this position is taken, it consists of making movements up and down.

You can also use not the whole hand, but some of the fingers. Separate the thumbs and then the ring fingers, applying more pressure with the other fingers to give her more pleasure and make him enjoy different sensations throughout the sexual massage. Take it easy, you will surely enjoy it.


3- Grab with your thumb and slide

This third movement for the penis that guys like a lot, involves grabbing the upper part with the thumb and then making the natural movement of the hand on the member, up and down. But without moving your thumbs.

You can also use both hands and focus on giving pleasure to the glans. But do not forget that each area is unique, more sensitive and feels differently, that is why it is important that you treat it with affection and that you try in some areas and in others, until you see that one point gives more pleasure than another.


4- Two-handed and touching the glans

This fourth sexual massage for the penis that we propose is one of the favorites of men, because they like it a lot and it gives a lot of pleasure. Also, not all girls know it, so you can learn a lot of new things and experiment if you closely follow the tips that we show you.

In this type of massage, the dominant hand touches the glans. The other hand makes the natural movement up and down. But it is the dominant hand, the one you handle the best, the one that circles the head of the penis, wrapping it with the hand and then touching with the fingers. It is very pleasant.


5- intertwined hands

For this massage you have to take your hands and intertwine all your fingers. Then, you put it directly on the penis and begin to massage up and down. It is very similar to massage number two, although it is more focused on massaging with the fingers and here we focus on both hands.

The key to make it work is to bring your palms and knuckles together, applying pressure depending on the area. You can try as you do it, but above all it is important that you do not apply a lot of force, but intensity. Keep in mind that every man is different.


Lubrication is key in this type of massage


For this type of sexual massage to be a success and to be liked by men, remember that lubrication is very important. The penis must be well lubricated for you to enjoy and feel a lot of pleasure.

You can try natural lubricants, with or without odor, depending on what you are looking for. But it is important that you lubricate the area well, so that you can slide smoothly and massage the penis following these tips that you now know.


Do you want to enjoy the best sexual massages? We will wait for you


If you want an expert to give you these sexual massages for the penis, you just have to call us and make an appointment with your favorite. The escorts perform this type of erotic massage and have unique hands. In addition, they are professionals, so you will be delighted.

Intimacy, discretion, pleasure… We put it all on a tray so that you only take care of enjoying yourself. And we already anticipate that you will not settle for trying it once, but you will want to repeat it over and over again.

Try these penis massages and enjoy like never before. We will wait for you.

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