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The hedonists had it clear. Everything that man does to achieve a goal, they said, pleasure, however, is the only thing that is sought by its very nature. And nothing better than the pleasures of the body to achieve complete happiness. The sex of payment is one of the options to enjoy without complexes and to defy those limits that the society imposes at times to the sexual relation.

Practices that are still considered taboos and that come from far away. As far as the “show girls” come, those sensual body dancers who kept awake and at the same time hid their most intimate secrets on the stage.


“Show girls”, the language of the body


Eroticism has its own score and the “show girls” wrote their first notes at the end of the 19th century, in the cabarets and the “music halls” of Paris, like the legendary “Folies Bergere”. The show then was a mixture of dance, comedy and picaresque, very close to that other genre, vaudeville, but soon evolved into what it is today.

The sensuality, the language of the body as transgression. Closely related to this practice is the “Table dance” and the bar dancing, of recent origin and associated with the girls club or “striptease”. Nightclubs are already a reference in any city in the world and a unique opportunity to associate the sensual movement of dance with that of the sex itself.


Club girls, another form of hedonism


The hostess clubs or brothels are the cornerstone of this genre, the classic that resists fashions. Despite the prominence of technology and the possibility of dating on the internet with prostitutes, including sex through the cameras, there are many men who prefer to go to the traditional brothel.

Maybe because the treatment received and the discretion of sexual intercourse has already made them habitual customers. Or perhaps because there they have found a prostitute capable of filling all their appetites, a space where they can express themselves freely. Do not forget that certain men not only come to satisfy their hunger sex, but also to seek understanding, affectivity or self-confidence.


Escorts valencia, the language of sex


Every game has its own rules, it warns us of what is allowed and what can not be done. The sex game also has its limits, of course, but in this area it is more evident than in others the temptation to transgress the rules.

Eroticism, understood as a series of rigid formulas, leads to boredom and monotony. And to break with the common uses, nothing better than to hire the services of the valencia escorts, women who in their way have also changed the role or the traditional concept of the prostitute.

Sex has its own language, it makes us happier. Let’s keep talking to the body.


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