Every person is different when it comes to having sex. There are those who prefer it in the morning, others at night and others when it arises. Of course, in this post we will focus on the benefits of having sex in the morning, because they are more than you imagine.


The advantages of having sex in the morning


Having more sex in the morning is not a whim, far from it. In fact, it is an act that has many benefits for your body and that can make Mondays less bad from now on.

Of course, like everything, there are people for and against. Not everyone likes it, but perhaps that is because they are unaware of its advantages.


We present all the advantages of having sex in the morning:


1- Source of oxytocin

Morning sex is a great source of oxytocin, the hormone related to love. It is released during intercourse and makes the connection stronger with your partner, so having sex brings you closer to your partner.


2- Improves the immune system

Another of its benefits is that it is capable of increasing natural defenses and protecting the immune system. Therefore, by having sex, the body acts as an improved barrier against viruses, bacteria and other germs. It is ideal for all people, but especially for the most sensitive.


3- Release endorphins

Among the benefits of having sex, there is the other advantage that endorphins are released. Let’s just say, they’re known to increase happiness, so you’ll be happier for the whole day. And the day can change a lot if you start it right…


4- You age later

The people who are best preserved are the ones who have the most sex. The truth is that although this argument may surprise you, having regular sexual intercourse increases the release of oxytocin, beta endorphins and other anti-inflammatory molecules. Helps delay aging.


5- Men are able to endure more

Another advantage that love has in the morning is that the man has the ability to endure more. This is because the line of the highest hormone level occurs in the early hours of the morning.

Therefore, the more testosterone, the better sex. This will increase the couple’s libido and sexual desire, making the relationship happen and more pleasant.


6- Reduce stress

Another benefit is that it helps reduce stress levels in order to make you feel better. Stress is one of the main problems that exist today and there are ways to release it. One of them is exercising and the other having sex, so it is a way to enjoy a two for one.


7- Helps you burn calories

From the point of view of a healthier and healthier lifestyle, having sex in the morning and before breakfast allows you to burn calories and is highly beneficial. You can replace it with a walk or even if you don’t have time to go to the gym. You can have it all!

It is perfect for everyone, but especially for those who find it difficult to stop to play sports, because in this way they will be able to play sports in a different way, burning calories and losing weight, to feel better. Everything helps.


8- It gives you more energy than a coffee

If you can’t drink coffee because the doctor has cut you off the caffeine, that’s no longer a problem, because with sex you’ll be able to enjoy a good shot of energy every morning. A way to start the day more lively, happy and on the right foot. Besides, it is like that for them and for them.


9- It is more pleasant

Did you know that sex in the morning can be more pleasurable? The truth is that it can give more pleasure for the simple fact of being more relaxed, of doing it after sleeping. The body is calmer, warmer, more sensitive…


Now that you know all the benefits, all that remains is for you to put it into practice. In addition, you can enjoy it in various ways, both in the form of a relationship and through masturbation. Although it is not the same!

Therefore, all that remains is for you to give it a try, to get out of your comfort zone and see how you can enjoy sex thanks to knowing its true advantages.

What if you hire the services of the most spectacular escorts that exist to enjoy the best morning sex? You’ll love waking up in a better mood every morning and you’ll enjoy Mondays more, that’s for sure.

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