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Escorts SoulValencia
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"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Surely you’ve heard about the set of sexual practices coined under the term bdsm, and if you have not had the pleasure (pun intended), here we tell you. This term is the result of combining the words “Bondage and Discipline”, “Domination and Submission”, “Sadism and Masochism“, hence its acronym. This group of erotic practices are classified as alternative sex, since its realization is more unusual than conventional sex with partners or escorts. It is important not to fall into the mistake of confusing the bdsm with the expression “sado”, since the first covers varied practices that accept different disciplines, while the second is only one of the parts included in the set.

If we talk about each of the sexual practices, we find in the first place the “Bondage and Discipline” set. With these words we intend to collect the links established in the relations of subordination, because this practice requires the consensus of the participants at all times. It also refers to the rules or punishments that can be agreed between the submissive-loving couple before they start playing. Second, the pair “Domination and Submission” refers to the dominant and submissive roles of one person over another or others, the dominant imposes his desires and the submissive remains under the will of this.

Finally, the duo “Sadism and Masochism” that welcomes the obtaining of pleasure by causing or obtaining, respectively, pain, humiliation or discomfort on the part of another person. It is important not to forget that these games must always be done under the acceptance of both parties, the feeling of humiliation or pain must be voluntary. Try them at SoulValencia

The “sado” as a fortress for the mind


It has been shown that people who practice bdsm are more extroverted, give less importance to rejection and react openly to new experiences. That is, they present a better balance and are mentally stronger than people who do not. The key lies in the control of sexual desires, in being aware of what is wanted and how you want, thus reducing frustrations and emotions during sex.

When performing the practice that implies the duplo submissive-loves, the submissive knows that her master dominates him and that she is his property, must do everything that he proposes. Asking the escorts to act as if they were a schoolgirl or treating you like a dog are some of the desires included in this sexual game. Simply, the feelings of all parties should be respected and not harm the partner or oneself, therefore it is advisable to previously document.

If you add this practice to the sexual experiences with your partner in a friendly and novel way, you will obtain an escape route from the monotony. Taking the domination, violence or aggressiveness to a sexual level that will make you feel more excited to enjoy the moment.

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