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oral sex

Bareback Blowjob


Men want natural blowjob, also called bareback blowjob, in such a way that it is part of the specific requests to their lovers and partners. Of the sexual acts is the oral most desired, suggested and encouraged by men, who can, according to their tastes, feel with oral sex the greatest sexual pleasure, but not always manage to get it at home or with their usual partners. Given this, one option, very currently used in Spain, the most pleasant sexual practices and techniques.

The daily life of couples can lead to sexual boredom or «accommodation» in the relationship and progressively results in the abandonment of certain exciting and diverse sexual practices, but some men in Spain decide not to renounce what they consider an essential part of the pleasure of living fully their sexuality, especially enjoying oral practices.




Sometimes, the sexual experience is limited to a good natural blowjob. In this practice, condoms are not used and pleasure is maximum. Many men prefer a high-voltage oral sex session and enjoy the view before anything else.

Cunnilingus, fellatio and anilingus are highly pleasing elements that should be part of any sexual relationship worth their salt.

bareback blowjob

The experience of oral sex


In fact, there are people who specialize in different sexual techniques and practices, including oral sex, in all sexual positions that men want or that are more exciting or erotic, as well as in all its sexual variants.

Although some people take these techniques of excitement as cuddles or sinful things, the truth is that it is an expression of passion or love felt by the bed partner.

Fortunately, today the religious repression is not so much in the West, even so, fellatio is still a star.

Like the vagina, the clitoris, the vulva and all the parts of the whores that make up the female genitals, the male ones are also full of sensitivity. Everything, from the tip of the penis to its base, passing through the testicles and the anus, is part of oral sex.




When you are going to give pleasure to a man it is not so important that he likes the man but yes, and very much, that he likes his penis. Saliva, hands, tongue and lips, chest and testicles, everything must be part of the blowjob he will never forget.

Taking advantage of the fact that women are good at doing several tasks at once, they can surely use all the elements to achieve their goal. They should just get comfortable and start with enthusiasm.

Impeccable hygiene, their mouth and the movements of their tongue produce caresses on the glans and all the penis that can provoke real moans of pleasure and ecstasy.

Bareback blowjob

​Oral sex without condom


Reaching the highest level of pleasure in sexual practices is undoubtedly one of the great goals that every man pursues throughout his intimate experiences. In this sense.

Oral sex is on the podium of the most demanded desires, since it combines many stimulations in a single and concentrated action: humidity, friction, intensity, uninterrupted stimulation, and so on.

However, it is not always possible to find a couple of games that have the necessary predisposition and technique to reach orgasm through a path of true pleasure.

Without a doubt, an unforgettable resource to escape from routine life.


The best felations


In this way, we can highlight the detailed and careful procedure that girls use so that reach explosive ejaculations.

The dynamics of stimulation given between the tongue, the mouth, the touch and the look in front of the genitals reaches its maximum expression at the time of the bareback blowjob.

The person promote perfect tuning so that oral sex is conceived without haste and with the full intimacy that the situation requires.

Thus, encounters of this nature usually start from a progressive and exciting pre-planned to the most ardent desire: kisses, incisive massages and caresses of high temperatures before taking action.


The best ways to suck


Whenever the environment is heated, it is time to choose the positions that best suits. At this point, the combination between tongue and hands is crucial

The girls dominate the art of posture when it comes to oral pleasure: the butler, the armchair of the queen, the banquet, the 68 or the automatic, among others.

In short, a whole menu of possibilities within the bareback blowjob that encourages, without palliative, to enjoy this experience again.



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