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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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Escorts SoulValencia
Plaza de Canovas

"SOUL" (4th Floor) 
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24H / 365 DAYS

Golden rain


Is the golden rain synonymous with dirty sex? The relevance is more in the achievement of pleasure than in the label that we decide to use. To urinate on whores or to receive from them a good sprinkling of urine is for the client of prostitution inclined towards these practices a sexual moment in which the excitement is triggered.

The question becomes essential: what is the golden rain? It is a sexual conduct framed within an extensive catalog of fetishes that consists essentially in finding sexual pleasure in urinating on another person and vice versa, with all the derivations that can be imagined in this of the piggy sex. An example of this may be the different levels at which it is expressed, ranging from the pleasure that comes with the smell of urine to the extreme excitement of drinking it.

The clients of prostitution in Spain who frequent this fantasy coincide in affirming that it is a so close relationship with escorts, that a much deeper and narrow bond is generated. This rain entails a recreation among its participants in which a psychological component of reciprocity is established between domination and submission. That is, in addition to everything related to the merely physical plane, mental stimulation works in the same way as an added value that is present throughout the journey. Perhaps the circuit of the whores, with all that intimate and explicit stage play, lends much more to exposing these practices in which degradation reaches a position of honor as a way to exciting thought.


The interest aroused by the golden rain is thus framed in a power mechanism aimed at sadomasochism, the siege of bondage or the aspirations of the copro roll, whose most primitive feelings go through enabling roles that are uncommon in everyday life, that attraction that provides the simulation. Let’s also assume that it becomes essential to turn sex into fun, and here we have a practice that can support this idea very effectively. Come and try it at SoulValencia

At this point of tone copro it is relevant to clarify that we are facing a sexual dynamic that is also characterized by offering security, and that has the benefit not only of not causing pregnancy but also being outside the risk of contracting the AIDS virus, since the urine is not transmitting.

In short, we can say that we are facing one of those dirty prisms and charismatic depravity of sex that is capable of conveying and materializing a bunch of fantasies related to essential shades of joy, perversion and entertainment. Three constants that strengthen ever sexual encounter between a whore and her client.

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