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Surely you have fantasized at some time in your life about trying a couples exchange. And there is nothing more exciting than discovering new and pleasant sensations with your partner, freely, reaching ecstasy at the same time.

Swinger couples are liberal couples with an open lifestyle who seek to enrich their sex life. They want to feel the desire welling up through their skin, to release their most ardent instincts in select and safe environments. Interact with other couples who have the same passions.

Sex with couples must be practiced in suitable, safe environments that offer guarantees. Maximum comfort to couples who want to make their fantasies come true. We unite people who are looking for the same and with absolute discretion and professionalism.

You will have everything organized to immerse yourself in the pleasure of the swinger without having to worry about anything else.

The atmosphere is exclusive, select; it is a kingdom of eroticism, desire, morbid and daring. Do you want to have fun? want to try something unforgettable? Revolutionize your sex life? This is the time to live new experiences, to enjoy sex in all its dimensions.




What are you looking for exactly? The first thing you must agree on and specify with your partner is the type of swingers you want. Couples, threesomes, quadruple alone, groups, heterosexual sex, oral sex, free sex, bondage, full swap, soft swing, orgy, tantric, young, mature sex… everything counts before making an appointment with couples.

You don’t have to have sex with every member of the couple or group you interact with, you don’t even have to have sex if you don’t want to. You can limit yourself to voyeurism or to fulfill the fantasies of someone who only yearns to see you in action. We know that watching other people have sex is very exciting.

What role do you want to play? Think wisely. That of a dominant, intense and active person… or do you prefer to watch and let yourself be guided by other people? There are people who need someone to guide them, to take the initiative.

And there are also those who seek to be immobilized in the purest bondage style. There are as many styles to enjoy group sex as there are sensibilities in the world. Let your imagination fly without any kind of ties.




We are going to give you a series of tips before entering the swinger universe that will be very useful. Whether you already know sex with partners or if you consider yourself beginners, it is convenient to review a series of conditions so that everything flows normally and you can have sex without obstacles or problems.

Let’s start with the most basic advice: be honest. Decide clearly what you are looking for without reservation, both in the type of sex you are looking for and in physical appearance, age, style, etc. Be yourself. Anal sex, oral, full swap, voyeurism, gang bang, bukakes… everything is possible.

Show respect and good manners. Looking for a daring, passionate, exciting and novel sex is not at odds with treating other people with education. Starting with good humor and sincerity, you can get everything you want.


The limit is up to you.


We must respect the anonymity of other couples at all times. In these environments there is an unwritten law of maximum respect for people’s private life. Discretion is a fundamental and guaranteed pillar in swingerism.

Do not worry about having doubts, couples or groups in the liberal world are understanding and respectful. It is normal that concerns arise or a new encounter generates uncertainty. But take a step forward, just be natural and honest with your couple. You will be surprised how easy it is to connect with other couples and create an atmosphere of complicity.






You can practice the sex that you and your partner want, no more, no less. Find professionals who will do exactly what you want. Sex will be totally safe, hygienic, discreet, friendly and extremely pleasant. Whoever comes, repeats.

The world of the night is a universe of fantasy and desire. Practicing sex with other couples in good harmony will boost your confidence and security in your own. That social taboo that couples cannot share in sexual activity can be broken. How to do it? Through the game of freedom and seduction.

We let ourselves be seduced by other people and we try to seduce them. We want to reach the maximum point of sexual intensity, the climax, a top point of enjoyment and enjoyment.

Practice everything with maximum safety, with the mandatory and required use of condoms and / or other protection methods. Committed to a zero risk policy.


A reference throughout the city.


Many couples, more than you can imagine, have passed through and have been enthusiastic about the atmosphere, its services and the feeling of tranquility and pleasure.

You deserve a mental break, that for one night you forget about daily obligations, work stress, social demands… tonight is only for you and your partner. So that you let yourself be carried away by morbid and seduction.

Everything you have ever dreamed of and never dared to do is within your reach. This is your night, let yourself go and enjoy a pleasant and unapologetic sex.



Plaza de Canovas
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Plaza de Canovas


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