Would you like to experience prostatic pleasure in first person? If you do not know what we are talking about, stay tuned, because your life may be about to change… If you want to feel pleasure and have an unforgettable orgasm experimenting with the famous male P-point, this interests you:


What is prostatic pleasure in men?


When it comes to prostatic pleasure, we refer to the prostate orgasm. We are facing the male P point. A way in which men can obtain very strong pleasure with alternative stimulation.

A man can have an orgasm if he stimulates an area other than the penis. For example, through what is known as a prostatic orgasm.

The prostate orgasm consists of stimulating the prostate through the rectal wall, which causes pleasant sensations, since the man has more erogenous zones apart from the penis.

The curious thing about all this is that prostate massage is for many men something taboo. A subject they prefer not to talk about, because they do not want to feel pleasure that way. But why not get carried away? It is another new way of having pleasure, of experiencing different and deep sensations.

Upon receiving it, you experience a sensation of orgasm that is different from stimulating the penis. It is something like another dimension of pleasure, because it feels more, in a deeper way. In fact, many of the men who try are surprised by what it feels like.

Remember, it is in the rectum, in the prostate itself next to the neck of the bladder. An area in which there are nerve endings and which is accessed through the anus.

Being in this area, there are men who are prejudiced and are even afraid that they like it, because they believe that this can make them homosexual, but it has nothing to do with it. It is a massage that can be practiced with the couple, regardless of their gender, or alone.


How is the prostate orgasm practiced?


To have prostatic pleasure, you have to learn to give this massage. It is the equivalent of the G-spot in women, so we will start by trying to get the man relaxed and learn to control his breathing.

Start by inserting a finger through the anus, carefully, without hurting with the nails and better in lubricant. It is normal for a man to get a little scared because it tends to cause rejection, but it is essential to let it go.

The moment the nerves around the bladder are pressed, great pleasure occurs. It is at that moment when you can reach a prostate orgasm, without ejaculation. But we insist that to achieve this, it becomes necessary to learn breathing. Because the more control, the more pleasure.

In fact, various studies assure that by controlling breathing, erections are improved and also the control of ejaculation and the intensity of orgasm, making you feel much more pleasure.

How to learn to control your breathing to feel more prostatic pleasure right now? What you can do is:

• Inhale 5 seconds
• Hold your breath for another 5 seconds
• Exhale the contained air

Likewise, when it comes to penetrating the first few times, it is important to have a good lubricant that allows to lubricate the area. You can experiment with a cold or heat effect, but we can do it the first few times with a «normal» one, so that it does not produce any kind of feeling of rejection.

Moreover, the first penetrations can be done directly with your finger (slowly and carefully) or you can also use a sex toy, because today we have many possibilities. Even vibrators for this area, to enjoy even more.

But it is important not to confuse this type of pleasure orgasm with ejaculation, because the prostate causes a great physical and psychological sensation of pleasure. That is why it is important to learn to separate and normalize them, to enjoy more.


How to test the male P point?


If you want to feel this prostatic pleasure and you want someone else to give it to you, you can come to our agency and have one of our escorts make it possible, because it is a sexual service that you can hire. In this way, you make sure that you receive it well and enjoy it like never before…

In addition, you can also experience it alone, but it is important to let yourself go, get out of your comfort zone and leave it in the hands of experienced women who will know how to make you enjoy yourself. We know how to make you enjoy…

Do you dare to try this massage and feel the maximum prostatic pleasure? You are one step away from improving your life, because it is a unique sensation that will give you great pleasure. Test it!

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