Orgies in Valencia


They say that two are company and three are multitude. With group sex, the meaning of the saying changes its pejorative sense. Not in vain this practice has become one of the most viable options for unlimited pleasure. Bacchanals occupy their own place in history and are repeated from one culture to another with their different variants and purposes, but always with the same ludic spirit.

Any time is good to celebrate an orgy. Bachelor parties, an onomastics, a professional promotion. In Valencia there are many places oriented to this practice, we can even go to the internet pages. But we will only get an authentic experience worthy of repeating itself in Soulvalencia.


Collaborative sex, do well and do not look at who


The orgies have always been practiced, but within this scope we have to distinguish between different modalities. One of the most exciting, very fashionable in recent years, is the “bukake”. A prostitute makes fellatio to a group of men who end up running in their mouths or in their faces in turns. There are even variants in which the semen is deposited in a container and the woman ends up drinking the contents.

Another is the so-called “boybang” in which the man has sex with several prostitutes while they also play and are excited with caresses. A highly recommended practice also for bachelor parties.


Orgies, pleasure and new experiences


Group sex is an enriching experience in all aspects. Nothing better than pleasure with several women at the same time or in shifts. Observe and participate. This practice is very advisable for those people who want to get out of the routine, a little adventure, make that moment something different, special.

Sex with strangers, whether paid women or liberal women, ensures anonymity and freedom from the obligations and commitments generated by an exclusive relationship. It also serves to make all those fantasies that for one reason or another we dare not put into practice. Prejudices, ideas based on tradition, often prevent us from being happy.


Soulvalencia, a unique and diverse space


A new mobile model comes out, the latest film from our favorite director or writer, in a travel website they offer us a stay in Venice or Paris at cost prices, but sex is something you can not say no.

Soulvalencia is a unique space because it is the place to which we will be faithful once we have tried it and diverse because it offers us multiple alternatives in the field of sex. The black kiss, the French, the erotic shower. And of course, group sex.


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