Would you like to enjoy a lingam massage? Take a break and let yourself be carried away by the best plan; a massage with a happy ending for you to enjoy like never before. Because you deserve it…


Enjoy the best lingam massage in Valencia


Do you know what a lingam massage is? We are facing a type of massage whose main objective is not to reach orgasm, but to make the other person enjoy themselves, get to know themselves better, find themselves…

Lingam means «stick of light». It is something of a description of the member, but it is certainly a fancy way to describe it, to denote its sacred value. In a way, the body looks like a temple and the penis like an altar.

It should not be confused with masturbation, because it is something else entirely. Let’s say that, it is a very intimate, sensual and intense erotic massage, where your objective is not to reach orgasm or ejaculation. It can take a lot of pleasure and helps you stay in control. But it may or may not end with ejaculation.




What are the benefits of a tantra lingam massage? Tantric massages are often talked and in fact this lingam massage is a great example of this. A type of erotic and sexual massage that every man should know.

But above all, it is important to talk about it for its important benefits.

Physical benefits: the physical benefits are palpable for the man, because he really enjoys this act itself. He loves his body more and can know himself better.

Psychological benefits: when it comes to psychological benefits, it improves self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself, more liberated, more self-aware.

Relaxation: one of the keys to this lingam massage is relaxation. Of course, it can help to release stress and anxiety, to feel like new, totally comforted and liberated.

Delays ejaculation: another of the important benefits of this type of massage is that it helps men who have this type of problem to delay ejaculation.

Improves intimate and sexual life: it also improves people’s sexual life, because by knowing your body better and having more control over it, sex will be better. That is why it is important to take the step.

These are just some of the advantages of choosing this type of massage. A technique that all men should experience sometime, because it is magical.


How to make a good lingam massage?


It is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional lingam masseuse. We are specialized in this type of erotic massage, so that you can enjoy it like you have never before, try its benefits and feel better. It is a way of experimenting.

But for it to work and truly know what a massage of this type is, you need to put yourself in the hands of someone who knows. We think that the pleasure will be very intense for you.

These are the steps to follow to give a good lingam massage:

1. Create a suitable atmosphere for the occasion: soft lights, candles, good smell…

2. The man should be stretched out and naked, with a pillow under the head and another under the pelvis… with the legs spread and bent.

3. It is important to breathe, inhale and exhale. Slowly.

4. Massage oil: To start a lingam massage, you need a good oil. Simply put it on your hands and on your genitals so you can do the movements smoothly.

5. Start from the penis. Although we end there, it is important to go little by little and from less to more, massaging from the thighs to the groin and the pubis. Then, move on to the testicles.

6. Point P. The following is to explore point P, the most sacred. Try stimulating it from the outside with your fingertips and knuckles. Also in the anus area (you can also insert a finger…)

7. Relaxation. To finish, at this point the man is relaxed and ends with a liberating orgasm. But it is important not to be in a hurry, to go little by little, enjoying the moment.

In a few steps you can do a good lingam massage with a happy ending to stimulate the main sexual organ. Which enchants and drives men crazy.


Happy ending massage Valencia


Would you like to enjoy a happy ending massage in Valencia? You can make it possible. In fact, we have not only told you about its benefits and how to do the best of massages, but our masseuses can make it possible, so you can enjoy and relax as you have never done before…

What do you think about it? Do you dare to try it? Let yourself go, we live in times of trying new things!

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