How to masturbate, keys and tips


Masturbation is something completely natural or even innate. That is, something that is learned automatically and over time, without the need to read a book or watch a video on YouTube. But you do it right?

Learning to masturbate can lead to better sex and more pleasure for your partner. Find out!


Keys and tips for masturbation


There are people who, although they think they do, do not know how to masturbate correctly or do not do it as well as they can. While it is true that it is something natural and that it is done completely normally, but there are ways to do it.

First of all, it is important to make it clear that it is something completely normal, that it arises in youth and that it is common for single people or with a partner. However, being an intimate subject, it always generates discomfort and can be seen as a taboo subject.

In fact, it is common for parents not to talk to their children about masturbation, because it is something that depends on their privacy. But it is important to tell them how to masturbate and that it is totally normal, but that they should do it in private.


What to take into account beforehand?


Before masturbation, it is important to clean your hands very well and have them well disinfected. It’s something you can do quickly with soap and water.

It is also important to have a good lubricant on hand. While it is true that natural lubrication is the best, but not all people lubricate the same, which makes you feel more comfortable using a lubricant to stimulate your intimate parts. So you can avoid ripping the skin.

In the case of using sex toys, it is essential to disinfect them beforehand. Think that, even if you think not because you only use it, over time bacteria can accumulate and it can cause an infection in your private parts. To do this, you can use a condom or simply clean it very well, before and after using it.

Of course, you should never share a sex toy. And of course much less do it with different partners, since they can also transmit STDs.


Tips to enjoy more


If you want to enjoy the act more, keep these tips in mind:

Do not be in a hurry: the first thing is not to be in a hurry. So you have time to experiment and let go, as long as you need.

Try different postures: you may always do it in the same posture, but the truth is that trying different ones can make you enjoy yourself more and experience unknown pleasures.

Do it in different places: you can also do it in different places. For example, on a chair, in bed, in the shower, in the bathtub…

Create atmosphere: to enjoy the act more, the place where you are influences and matters. Do not hesitate to create an environment to prepare for the sexual act. You can opt for relaxing music, candles…

Get out of your comfort zone and try sex toys: sex toys can make masturbation more enjoyable, because it allows you to live new sensations and different experiences.

Think about or watch something that inspires you: for there to be a theme, it is important that you rely on something that inspires you, that turns you on. If you don’t have anything at hand or nothing comes to mind, it could cost you more than you should and even hurt or irritate you.

Lubricant: use lubricant to lubricate the area and make the experience more pleasant. There is it with flavor, heat effect, cold…

Try new things: You can also experiment with different types of masturbation. For example, combine it with anal masturbation, separately or at the same time. There are men who have many prejudices about this part, but it is something completely normal and another source of pleasure.


Why is it important to learn? For you and for others


Learning to masturbate has many benefits for you and your partner. In the first place, for you, because you will enjoy it more, you will know how to do it and you will avoid irritating the intimate areas, so as not to interfere at all in the relationship with your partner.

The fact of resorting to videos can be key to learning to masturbate and trying new things that have never occurred to you before. After all, there may be many things out there that you have not yet experienced or known about.

Likewise, knowing how to masturbate correctly can help you to do it that well to your partner and that you finish conquering her completely. Let’s say that it is always something that matters and that can be key in a couple.

Likewise, knowing how to masturbate correctly can help you to do it that well to your partner and that you finish conquering her completely. Let’s say that it is always something that matters and that can be key in a couple.

Experimenting and trying different things will let you know what you like best and also what your partner might like best. That’s why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Even with escorts, because these sex professionals can teach you things you didn’t know.

And you, how do you do it?

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