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Hookers Valencia


The context conditions the use of language. This is the maximum that determines the degree of subtlety that must be used in each of the social situations that can occur. The personal relationships given between the clients of prostitution and the girls who offer the service are grouped in the same way in a specific scenario with certain codes of behavior.

There are many types of approach that exist between these two leading figures in prostitution. The levels vary depending on the elements that intervene around sex and its derivatives. In this way, it is possible to attend multiple ways of relating to a prostitute, incorporating each of them a more or less appropriate use of the language.

In general, it can be said that two great forms of approximation coexist in this universe dedicated to satisfying the most primal instincts of the human being. On the one hand, there are the explicit occasions and, on the other, the implicit ones. Thus, the first of them integrate ways of closeness where forms of courtesy pass into the background and are generally carried out in brothels.

That is to say, the subtlety in the way of speaking is eclipsed by the torrent of instinct. Sex here is the dominant goal, so courtship and the need for a refined protocol are suppressed to make way for more direct terminology. It is accepted in meetings of this type to refer to girls as whores or prostitutes.

On the other hand, within the implicit side the system varies considerably. Here sex may or may not be within the hiring. The client looks for other components besides having relationships. Thus, those interested are also inclined to pay for the company of sophisticated girls to take to certain events, parties or meetings. In these environments the most suitable term to call girls is escorts.

Escorts are characterized by being part of a higher level, to be more sophisticated and have a more elegant range and know how to be. The client who hires his services aims to distinguish himself through these differentiating features in order to be able to rise to the occasion.




In the same line of implicit occasions is the appellative hookers. Hookers are common prostitutes who are often involved in legal problems, usually on the street or in the surroundings of industrial estates. That is why this word is used colloquially to refer to girls within the police scope. It is a concrete way of establishing differences between the different forms of prostitution.

In short, it is possible by means of the word to adequately define the context in which the sexual plot takes place. Something that serves in the same way to delimit the multiplicity of ways that there is to carry out this profession, in which there is a wide range of experiences.


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