Erotic Shower Valencia


The element is everyday, but its effects on the sexual level reach a level of unquestionable pleasure: water is possibly one of the components that provide the greatest erotic charge around carnal ardor.

Some have understood that adding this ingredient to the repertoire of sexual services constitutes an added value when it comes to enriching the encounter.

In conclusion, to integrate the erotic shower in intimate relationships so that the client overcomes the frontier of conventional sex.


What the erotic shower have?


Although the bed continues to lead the podium of the common places in which to interact, the demand for new stimuli has caused the erotic shower to climb positions as a substitute or perfect complement.

It is not a random resource, since underwater any attempt at excitation shoots up to extreme temperatures.

The combination of properties that water accumulates in situations like this reinforces the development of a good heater: moisture, extra lubrication, a feeling of clothing and primitive tone.

Without a doubt, a flurry of elements that contributes to escaping the routine and improving the experience.

Sensuality that integrates wetlands has been used by disciplines such as cinema, literature or painting to awaken in the interlocutor a sensory plus characterized by desire and the reinforcement of sexual pleasure.

Translating this idea is reinforcing the capacity of the senses, something that leads to more intense orgasms in settings in which full enjoyment and satisfaction must prevail.


erotic shower


How to fuck in the shower?


There is a wide range of stimulating options that a good erotic shower can provide, and it is that any sexual practice that can be contemplated is not only welcome underwater,

But it is also amplified thanks to the benefits offered by a context like this.

There are many examples that can validate this idea, but just imagine a Jacuzzi full of foam.

A good whore with absolute predisposition indulges herself to the client’s requests

Under the charm of steam, wet massages, dripping kisses or soaped caresses.

A whole territory of fluids designed to turn a date of this caliber into a fiery recess without intermittent.


Postures for an aquatic encounter


If the preliminaries are insufficient in the middle of an erotic shower, nothing prevents you from going to more forceful exercises under water.

The menu of options is not limited in the aquatic space, but quite the opposite: we can resort to all kinds of postures, whether through anal sex, fellatio, cunnilingus or any other practice we can think of.

Now, it is true that water makes things easier depending on what situations.

An example of this is seen in postures that allow deeper penetrations, such as that of the seahorse.

In which the man lies down with his legs flexed and the girl stands with his back on him; or in the embrace posture,

In which the man takes advantage of the low weight of the bodies under water to mount the girl on his hips in a kind of powerful hug.


erotic shower


Sex in the shower, sensuality and eroticism


Eroticism is one of the cornerstones of sexual practice.

Nothing better than the previous excitement, the stimulation of the senses in its most diverse ways, to reach an intense orgasm.

However, Sex in the shower offers us, in this field, one of the most rewarding experiences.

Steam, water pressure, caresses, kisses and bites, massage to stimulate the erogenous zones, are some of the ingredients of this practice.

We speak of sensuality in the strictest sense of the word. Sensuality with an experienced woman, knowing the most appropriate techniques and resources to take us to happiness.

A shower together, postures and hygiene


The positions within this field are very diverse.

We can practice anal sex, with it in front of the wall or in the traditional position of the dog; fellatio or his twin brother, cunnilingus.

We can even incorporate a stool and have sex while sitting while enjoying the sensuality of water.

The use of lubricants is also allowed: those made with silicone delay the drying process.

It goes without saying that sex in the shower, given its nature, is a very hygienic practice.

In addition, erotic shower is an experience that should be tried more than once in a lifetime.

The important thing is to enjoy sex and its various variants with freedom, and always respecting the other.

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