Dirty talk, the art of talking dirty in bed


In bed, each person has their sexual preferences. There are people who are excited when they talk «dirty» in bed, saying words that others may find rude or offensive. Find out what dirty talk is or the art of talking dirty in bed.


What is dirty talk: everything you need to know


Sex can be performed in many ways. Nothing is written about tastes and a sexual practice that people like a lot is dirty talk.

It is proven that using certain risque words during sex can increase desire and excitement, which is why many couples use it. But beware, because not all people know that they like this. There are also people who do not dare to try it for fear of what their partner will think.

The arousal can come from certain words and not only from what is said, but also from how it is said. They can be whispers, moans, erotic phrases... If done well, it can cause great excitement. Where to start?


Types of dirty talk


First of all, we see the different types that exist:

Soft: as you can imagine from its name, it is the softest type. That is, words spoken in a softer and sweeter way are used, making it more romantic and affectionate. It’s a great way to get started with dirty talk, perfect for beginners, as you can always ramp up from there. After all, you can say simple and beautiful phrases and be exciting because of the way they are said.

Hard: For those who want to go further in this technique, the next thing is the hard dirty talk. Here, as you can imagine from its name, it’s already full and includes words that sound stronger but can be highly exciting. That is why it is important that both parties agree, since if you like it it can be very morbid but if you don’t like it, you can cut the roll and make the other person not want to continue with sex.

As we told you, the ideal is to start with the soft and then move on to the hard. Soft is what practically everyone does in bed and what no one gives it a name because they don’t know that it exists and that it’s called that.

The hard is for the most daring in bed, for those who want to go further and say certain words in certain tones, whispers…




To give you an idea, you can use phrases like «I really want you», «take my clothes off», «how hot you are», «please don’t stop». As you can see, they are soft phrases but they can be very hot. That’s what it’s about.

That’s why we tell you that this is part of many relationships and yet they don’t know what it’s called dirty talk, because really, the previous phrases don’t sound dirty, but pretty. But they can be very erotic and sensual in bed, making them exciting.

You can start with them and increase the tone, until pronouncing other words that may sound worse but that can be exciting.


Why try dirty talk?


Because you may like it a lot and enjoy having sex this way more. After all, there are times when sex can be monotonous or you don’t feel like it so much and introducing new things can be fine. This is exactly what happens with this technique…

Here are some of the benefits of experimenting with using dirty talk:

Increase the desire
Get out of the monotony
It makes the couple have more complicity
Communication is improved
The couple will be able to know what the other person likes the most
It connects the couple, it is a way of showing that everything is going well

There are times when couples fall into monotony and sex becomes dull, simple, boring, monotonous, etc. It is something that does not happen when this sexual technique is tried, because it is undoubtedly a trick that although many know from the movies, they do not dare to put into practice because of what their partner will think.

However, it is worth trying because it allows you to increase desire and arousal. It is a great secret for many and that others keep silent, but it can excite and greatly increase desire. And if not, try it…


How to start testing it?


If you want to experience dirty talk you can always pay us a visit. The best escorts await you with whom you can enjoy incredible sexual relations in Valencia whenever and however you want, also with dirty talk…

And you, does dirty talk convince you or is it not for you at all?

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