Best parties in valencia


with escorts and whores are in SoulValencia. Perhaps the client of a prostitute which is commonly known as «whore», seeks to have a drink and shortly after a quick sexual relationship.

The escort tells us that «it is true that the client of high-class prostitution seeks and expects much more in his appointment. Sometimes, it is said that an evening with us does not have to include sex.

The truth is that it usually includes it, but there is also a before and after sex that changes everything. An escort offers herself, not just her body. »

So to elucidate the difference between prostitutes and luxury escorts, we started with the same client. He looks for a sexual relationship and much more. Parties in valencia with escorts tells us from her point of view.

«I know some girls who repeat often that they are luxury, but in reality, they are not. It is not that they lack body, studies, even languages, but what they lack is attitude, class. Luxury escorts are something very exclusive.

But let’s not kid ourselves. The client who meets with one of these escorts, is also looking for sex. How is sex with a luxury escort? Can we do with it everything we want, like deep Greek or facial French? At least are parties and is sex.

Men fantasize about many things, with which more, fuck. Our semen is the sacred liquid that women want to feel, smell and taste. But few recognize it. That’s the truth. At least, in our male heads.

We want them to play with our semen and watch them enjoy it as if it were a chocolate cup on a winter afternoon. We hit a wall when we see that it is not like that. How is it possible?




Thanks to the escorts the possibilities are innumerable. The most dirty and perverse fantasies take shape and we make them come true. The white kiss is one of them. What does it consist of ?, it will be asking. Rest assured that there we go.

The white kiss is to pass the semen from one mouth to another. It’s a sparkling kiss, white as purity, something sticky and full of life. The people who practice it live longer and smile more often.

This is due to the high energetic potential of the semen and the pleasure it provokes when sharing it as if it were a candy.

The white kiss can be practiced as a couple or in a group. Normally, it starts with the practice of a blowjob and once the big cumshot has taken place, the escort keeps the semen in her mouth.

She passes it to the client mixed with a kiss and he passes it on again. That way they can stay as long as they want. At last, our sacred liquid, our most personal and non-transferable essence, is treated as it deserves.


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