Clubs in valencia, one of the best is SoulValencia.  In the case that concerns us today, white and black kiss are as antagonistic as they are complementary. We can ask our escort to start with one and end with another.

In black kiss is one of the most difficult pleasures to get in a night of fishing in the disco. Therefore, to experience it as soon as possible and you have to contact an escort who practices the black kiss.

The black kiss, no need to stress, which is a practice that much intimacy. Therefore, we must be very careful with hygiene and not go half crap. The man gets on all fours, with his ass exposed, well cleaned and shaved, of course.

Escort gives a lick after another. The eye of the ass is turned on like never before and the cock gets harder than an oak. The client loses consciousness and life seems beautiful.

In the black kiss the thing does not stay on the surface but goes much further. The escort will put the tongue in the ass and will massage the sphincter with it. It will relax to the ends of the unexpected.

Some escorts will combine the tongue and the lips with the finger. Others will add toys and lubricating gels to experiment with smells and tastes. Men have the G-spot inside the eyelet. So this is the best time to ask our escort to get us something and have the best run of our lives.

The usual client of whores, do not cut yourself in asking for these things. Well, it is clear that man has his greatest sensitivity and pleasure in the ass and does not want to miss it.




Escorts tell us about the crazy nights they spend with their clients. Some of them ride it very well and dismiss a bachelor of the group in style. Others prefer to celebrate their birthday with the escorts and some of their best friends of farra.

You can always find a reason to meet the hottest girls in Valencia and get carried away. The commercial fairs and the closings of contracts between companies can be the perfect occasion to invite those special clients with whom they have just closed a very interesting operation for the company.

Although birthdays, bachelor parties and trade fairs are perfect occasions to organize a sex party, the truth is that you do not need to have a specific reason to spend a crazy night in the company of escorts.

It would be difficult to organize something like that with friends or girls that we just met. For things like that, the services of the escorts are unbeatable. Professionals, hot, discreet and very dirty. As it would also be difficult to find an appropriate place for that celebration.




All these problems are solved when we organize a sex party in a specialized club

To spend the night in the nightclub is for many a waste of time and an ordeal; especially if they are over a certain age and can not stand fishing on the dance floor until the last minute. «Sometimes I go out partying and I leave the same money inviting girls, total to not get anything from them.

I prefer to go fucking and ask the escort exactly what I want to do.

For many women, sucking cocks is a pleasure. They enjoy doing oral sex to their partners and do not hide it. These are the best for fortuitous encounters in which we want to suck and leave us satisfied without further complications. Unfortunately for us, it is not the most usual.

The art of sucking cock is an art that not all dominate. More we would like! It’s not about imitating porn actresses. Going up and down the head faster and faster does not mean that they are giving us pleasure with their mouths.


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